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Here we have one third of Dot's fleece, shorn in summer 2019.Dot is one of our flock of beautiful heritage Ryeland sheep, who produces beautiful fine white fleece perfect for any craft project. Weather it's spinning, felting or needle work.This is one third of a fleece, but if you're looking for more - or less - then please get in touch and we'll be able to organise a custom order for you.Ryeland sheep are one of the oldest British sheep breeds, and their fleece has long been renown for it's super fine quality, and staple. In fact Queen Victoria would only wear stockings made from Ryeland wool. Today the fleeces are sought after for spinning weaving and dying. Please note - the item for sale is a raw and un-washed fleece. Every care is taken with all of our animals to produce beautiful fleeces of top quality, and fleeces are checked and obvious impurities removed before shipping, however they do come from animals who roam freely and naturally in the great outdoors, so we recommend you do wash your item before you use it.Dot is one of a small herd sheep who live at Low Auldgirth Steading, all of our sheep are free range and pasture fed in a nature friendly environment. To find out more please visit you are interested in international shipping please get in touch, and we'll work out a price tailored to suit you.

Ryeland wool 1/3 fleece

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