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Low Auldgirth - bacon


A beautifully favoursome cut of meat from our native breed of pigs.


All our meat is supplied frozen.


All of our sheep are organically raised outdoors, grazing on diverse Scottish meadows rich in plant and wildlife. They are 100% free range, and well cared for. That’s why all of our meat comes with a ‘Low Auldgirth’ seal of approval.


Our pigs are never artificially fattened or ‘pushed’ to meet the ideal butcher’s weight, instead they are allowed to mature slowly as nature intended eating a diverse pasture-based diet that allows the meat to develop its unique Galloway taste.


All our meat is butchered to the highest quality, we only use the most skilled and passionate butchers who take great pride in maximising the full potential of every cut. Creating joints, chops, steaks and trimming any excess for tasty mince, all done freshly to order.


We’re certified organic with the Soil Association which means all of our meat is raised organically free from chemicals and farmed as naturally as possible.


Contents 100% outdoor reared organic pork.


Unfortunately, we do not accept returns on our meat boxes please see T&C’s for more information.


Restaurants and caterers please contact us direct.

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