What do you buy the wool lover in your life who (probably) has too much wool?


Adopt them a fibre sheep, and they’ll enjoy a year getting to know their sheep with quarterly updates, Christmas cards and fleece samples come shearing time.


Abigail is a Gotland ewe with a gorgeous fleece of silver curls. Abigail was one of the first sheep to arrive on the farm with her five sisters/partners in crime. She’s earnt the nick name Beauty Spot as she’s got a little black circle over her bottom, and will certainly keep you entertained for the year!!


If you’re buying on behalf of someone else we’ll need you to provide us with the name and address of the giftee so they can receive their woolly updates.


Fleece samples will weigh approximately 100g and will be washed and free from vegetable matter. However we do wish to point out fleece is a natural produce and should be handled with care, please remember to wash your hands after handling any fleece. You’ll also be given a unique code to get up to 20% off all of our other farm produce. You can also arrange to visit your sheep, and spend an afternoon enjoying the farm and having cuddles with your woolly pal.


Any questions please contact us.

Adopt a Gotland - Abigail

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